A 2D platform-game you are playing as sheep, which kill themselves in order to escape. They sacrifice themselves for the following sheep, for the hope is the only thing they have, until they come to the end where they realize destiny is not on their side.

It was created during the Austrian Game Jam 2016 by five people, two Artists and three Programmers in two and a half days. The topic of the Game Jam was "Abandon all hope".

Watch the 20 Seconds long Trailer

Or our newly released Trailer

Full Controller Support

In case you should come across a bug or you can´t get further:

R - Level Reset and Sheep Count Reset

F4 - for Position Reset to Start

F5 - Skip Level


David Andrew Miller (Artist) – davidmillerandrew[at]gmail.com

Falk van Schneider (Artist) – meech.q[at]gmail.com

Stefan Zaufl (Programmer) – zuzek05[at]hotmail.com

David Portisch (Programmer) – david.portisch[at]outlook.com

Lukas Frühstück (Programmer) – lukas.fruhstuck[at]gmail.com

This is a old version of the Game, we are working on a new one but we still dont have a release date for it.

Warning : You should play this game only if you are older than 45 and you have the permission of your parents!


Bloody_Sheep_win.zip 81 MB
BloodySheep_osx.zip 84 MB
BloodySheep_linux.zip 84 MB


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Hah, neat concept, fun to play. Nice job.